Ohai! I just had to share my experience cosplaying at the Mall of America as Chii this last Saturday! You see, there are a few cosplay meet-ups that happen at the mall. I’ve been at MoA before to film things with my own group (NYAH productions) for our YouTube channel, but I hadn’t really been there for a mass cosplay get together before. I was excited to get to know even more cosplayers before Anime Detour!

The Mall of America happened to be hosting a Barbie exhibit. I was excited to take cute pictures of Chii there. Apparently, so were so many others! I was shocked by the number of people outside of the cosplay group that knew me as Chii while I walked around the mall. My favorite encounter was with a group of Asian ladies and gents that spoke broken English but got across to me that I was their favorite anime character. One girl in particular was squealing while we took a pic an as she was walking away with her friends. It surprised me and made me oh so happy!

There were also the people that didn’t know what I was doing but thought I was cute. They’d nicely ask what I was doing and I’d try to explain cosplay to them. It was great to see how intrigued people were and I was happy to spread the word of cosplay.

The best story of the day, however, comes from the rest that thought I was Barbie. I got called Barbie left and right, receiving many hugs and pictures while walking through the mall… but best cute chaos happened by the cute pink car in the pictures. I wanted to take a picture by it before my boyfriend and I went into a store nearby. Suddenly, little girls started running up to me one after the other asking if they could take a picture with me. Some were shy, others glomped me without knowing what glomping was, and some asked me (aka Barbie) many questions and hoped to talk to me as long as they could before their mothers dragged them off for others to have a turn to take a picture with or of me. I felt like a movie star! I was oh so flattered. Hoping not to disappoint, I put on my best Barbie-esque voice and personality and went with the flow. It wasn’t just little girls that took pictures with me. There were teens and even adults of both genders that did the same, but the children stole my heart. Their little “Barbie!” cries were so cute and the look in their eyes blew me away. I stayed there for so long, but I was so happy to do it.

Even though I wasn’t Barbie, I was to them. Out of my top cosplayer flattery moments, this definitely goes towards the top (despite not always being called the character that I was cosplaying ;3 not that I minded). It was an experience I’ll never forget. It made me realize how much I truly love making others happy while in costume, or even in general. =]

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horribleforevers said: I found you, baby daddy.

Hey Baby Momma c:

Me and friends playing cards against humanity and we got this. My side’s are going to blow up

Me and friends playing cards against humanity and we got this. My side’s are going to blow up

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Hey Scott i’m doing great I finally got that Wendy I was looking for, what about you C:


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CRAZY Disturbing Animals

I don’t even think it deserves the title of being called an Animal


CRAZY Disturbing Animals

I don’t even think it deserves the title of being called an Animal

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sarahjeanthequeen said: Hi JAVIERR HOLY SHIT I FOUND YOUR TUMBLERRR ON ACCIDENTT 8D But on the real, Ik we had a bad ending. I'm here for you as a friend :) You know I was a good friiieend I may not be the BEST person. BUTT Hey, I am alot older and know a little more stuff now :) Hope you reply <3 <3 Lots of giggles Jean(sarah)

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